Staunton and Corse C of E Academy, Gloucester Road, Corse, Staunton, Gloucester, GL19 3RA

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Staunton & Corse C of E Academy

Let Your Light Shine

Let your light shine by leaders showing the way

Let your light shine by sharing wisdom and enabling all pupils to flourish

Let your light shine to provide hope and strength for the future

Let your light shine serving as a beacon in the community

Let your light shine by respecting others

Let your light shine through Christian collective worship, illuminating the way forward of God and Jesus

Let your light shine through our Christian ethos, as we learn about and respect other faiths and beliefs.

Academy hymn - This little light of mine

Our Core Values

Core Values – Staunton and Corse C of E Academy

Our core values at Staunton and Corse Academy rest on four key cornerstones:

Respect, Encourage, Inspire and Achieve.


Academy Logo

Our logo displays the strong and all encompassing Oak Tree which supports and nurtures leaves and acorns of different sizes and colours until they become stronger, more independent and fulfilled.


We promote, through actions and words, the principle of respect. We expect respect to be shown by all members of our school community, both adults and children. We encourage all aspects of respect to be demonstrated in our Academy and uphold this Christian value in the everyday life of our school. Our ethos helps us to embed respect in promoting honesty, forgiveness, friendship, trust and kindness.


All adults are aware of how important it is to encourage pupils at every appropriate opportunity in school life. This cornerstone also extends to pupils in encouraging each other, spreading goodwill and improving self esteem.


The most powerful learning opportunities often take place when children are inspired, either by their teachers or by each other. We intend to make the most of all learning opportunities at Staunton and Corse Academy and we seek to inspire children throughout our daily lives. We also encourage children when they inspire others.


It is through respect, encouragement and inspiration that children can achieve. In providing ‘something for everyone’ children can explore and achieve their own goals and succeed in any given aspect of school life. This promotes the upward cycle of achievement and self esteem that we seek to ensure all children can benefit from.





Our Ethos

At Staunton & Corse C of E Academy we are committed to providing a safe, secure learning environment in which Christian principles and values are fostered. We aim to ensure that learners are happy and confident, able to achieve their full potential and are equipped with the skills necessary to achieve in the modern world.

We know that our School Objective to provide ‘Something for Everyone’ is important for learners in being happy, confident and reaching their potential here.

Everyone is valued

Teamwork and fun

Honesty at all times

Outstanding effort

Something for everyone