Staunton and Corse C of E Academy, Gloucester Road, Corse, Staunton, Gloucester, GL19 3RA

01452 840240

Staunton & Corse C of E Academy

Let Your Light Shine


The school is part of the Primary Quest Trust and is managed by the CEO, Mr Dean, the Headteacher, together with the Deputy Headteacher and SENDCo.  Together, they provide the strategic direction and high expectations which drive school improvement and ensure standards of excellence.

In addition to class teaching, Subject Leaders  have responsibility for leading and resourcing specialist areas of the curriculum.

At Staunton and Corse Academy we recognise that our staff is the most valuable resource we have and all our staff are committed and enthusiastic.  Together, through their care, guidance and support, they create a nurturing environment in which our children achieve and flourish.

Rainbow Class

Miss N Gibbard – Class Teacher (Mon, Tue)

Mrs C Smith - Class Teacher (Wed, Thu, Fri)

Mrs Rhodes – Teaching Assistant


Sunbeam Class

Mrs Brumfield – Class Teacher

Mrs Caine – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lodge - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hughes - Teaching Assistant


Trinity Class

Miss Jones – Class Teacher

Mrs N Thompson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cox - Teaching Assistant

Miss Wykes - Teaching Assistant


Aurora Class

Ms Roberts – Class Teacher

Mrs Summers - Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisor Team

Mrs Bayliss

Mrs Meredith

Mrs Caine

Mrs Rhodes

Mrs N Thompson

Miss M Dancey

Miss Mattingley


Breakfast Club

Mrs Preston

Mrs Davies

Miss Wilband


After School Club

Mrs Priday

Mrs N Thompson

Mrs Rhodes

Miss Thompson

Mrs Mansbridge

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Tibbles – Headteacher

Mrs Ball – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs M Jones - SENDCo 


Finance, Admin & Site Team

Mrs Ayland – Academy Business Manager

Mrs Rose – Academy Administrator

Miss Dancey – Cleaner

Mrs Meredith – Cleaner



Miss Mattingley