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SEND Resources


How do we support children with SEND?

We understand that children learn and develop in different ways. Teachers and teaching assistants recognise this and use different teaching styles, resources and adapted levels of work in the classroom to cater for the various ways children learn.  However, many children, at some point in their school life, need extra help.

For pupils identified with additional needs, we look closely at what additional support will help them achieve their full potential as part of a fully inclusive learning environment.  Here are some of the ways we can do this:

  1. Work with outside agencies to provide effective strategies, e.g. through autism spectrum training, attachment disorder training or providing autism friendly classrooms.
  2. Purchase equipment that supports children with additional needs e.g. coloured over-lays for pupils to aid their reading or pencil grips to help with fine motor skills.
  3. IT software to support learning, e.g. Clicker 
  4. IT hardware to help pupils, e.g., coloured keyboards, makes letter and number identification more accessible.

Our aim is to work with parents/carers and pupils to listen to what is needed so we can offer a fully inclusive learning environment.  We welcome ideas and input from home, as a close working partnership helps us provide the best support for our SEND pupils.


The range of provision provided for our SEND children

The main methods of provision made by the school are;

  • through a differentiated curriculum
  • Full-time education in classes, with additional help, adapted teaching and support by class teacher
  • Periods of withdrawal to work with a teaching assistant or teacher 
  • Small group/individual work with teaching assistant
  • In-class support with adult assistance
  • Support from specialists within a class or as part of a withdrawal programme
  • Support from TA for physical disability 


Our SENDCo is responsible for ordering any additional resources that children with SEND may require. A good supply of such resources is also kept in stock. Additional professional expertise is sought from agencies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and educational welfare, as appropriate,, to ensure that children’s needs are supported appropriately. Our aim is to provide an environment that enables all of our children to develop academically, socially, physically, and emotionally to reach their full potential by removing barriers.

Resources that are commonly used at Staunton and Corse Academy include:


For children with fine/gross motor and posture difficulties Physical and Sensory, e.g., dyspraxia:

    • Supportive cutlery & Thera-putty
    • Wobble boards
    • Writing slopes
    • Fidget chair bands
    • Movement breaks and task boxes
    • Sensory circuits programme
    • Writing slopes
    • Easi-grip pencils and pencil grips
    • Different types of scissors
    • Handled rulers
    • Wobble/wedge cushion/Wobble stools


    For children with concentration/behavioural/sensory difficulties e.g. ADHD:

    • Fiddle toys/foot bands
    • Now, next and then boards
    • Personalised timetables  
    • Standing table
    • Weighted blanket


    For children with specific learning difficulties, e.g. Dyslexia:

    • Tinted overlays
    • Reading rulers
    • Alphabet strips
    • A variety of practical maths equipment
    • Sound buttons/talking tins (to record sentences)
    • ICT resources: iPad voice to record work and programmes such as 'Nessy' as an intervention 


    • Relaxation boxes
    • Fidget toys
    • Choice charts/personalised timetable
    • 1:1 self-esteem/managing emotions support with TA (What to do when I worry too much, What to do when my temper flares)

    Cognition and Learning

    • Precision teaching- maths facts/spellings
    • Plus 2/ Power of 1- Maths interventions
    • SNIP spelling programme
    • Nessy Reading and Spelling online programme
    • Touch typing programmes- Dance Mat/ Doorway Online
    • Handwriting scheme- Write from the start/ Letter Join
    • Barrier games- support for short term memory
    • Use of a laptop in class

    Communication and Interaction

    • Personal SaLT targets from a SaLT specialist
    • Black Sheep resources


    Dyslexia Information for Parents from Nessy


    Additional equipment can be ordered as is required. For those with more complex physical difficulties for example, specialist equipment (such as hi-lo changing beds, standing frames etc.) can be sourced.


    Please read our Local Offer for more information.

    What is the Local Offer?

    Information about EHCP's for parents:


     SENDIASS Gloucestershire | Special Educational Needs & Disability Information, Advice & Support Service