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At Staunton and Corse Academy, the mental health and wellbeing of our pupils, families and staff is of great importance to us.


Teachers plan for activities for outdoor learning regularly and we are a platinum awarded OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) school which has been shown to support behavioural and inclusion improvements as well as more general wellbeing. 


In addition, we have a Forest School day for every class where the children learn about nature and have the opportunity to create artwork out of natural resources, build shelters and work in a team.

A study by the American Medical Association concluded that “Children will be smarter, better able to get along with others, healthier and happier, when they have regular opportunities for free and unstructured play in the outdoors.”

We have a variety of targeted wellbeing interventions for when there is an additional need identified by the following: class teacher, the Family Support Officer and the SENDCO, in conjunction with the child’s family. 

Support is also given through assemblies and our PSHE Curriculum.




What do we currently do for mental health and wellbeing for our pupils and staff?

  • We have a designated Mental Health and Well Being Lead in school that is responsible for promoting wellbeing for our staff and pupils (Miss Roberts). 


  • We have Wellbeing ambassadors who run a Calm Club at lunchtimes for children who would like to sit quietly at lunch times.


  • We have a designated trained ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) , Mrs Thompson, who delivers nurture groups for pupils, such as small group ‘time to talk’ social skills work, resilience skills, and 1:1 check in with pupils in liaison with our SENDCO (Special Needs & Disabilities Co-Ordinator)  


  • In each class we have a worry monster that's eat their worries and for pupils to share their worries with a safe adult.     


  • We have nominated school council members in each class to represent their peers and gain feedback in class assemblies.  



  • We hold extra half-termly meetings for pupils who need more regular meetings to support their needs.  



  • We have email addresses/Dojo for all teaching staff so parents can email concerns or worries.  



  • We have home/school communication books for pupil’s who require more regular updates.  



  • We have move up days in the Summer term to give all pupils a chance to experience their new class environment and new teacher.  



  • We have an allocated buddy for all new pupils.  



  • We have Key Stage 2 children as play-leaders/sports coaches to support younger children in positive play.  



  • We have OPAL at break times and quieter lunchtime clubs to promote mental health and wellbeing and support for pupils who find busy lunchtimes stressful.  



  • We have mental health and wellbeing assemblies to promote resilience and self-management.  



  • We have a PSHE curriculum that helps pupils to build important life skills, such as learning to learn, habits of mind and the growth mindset.  



  • Our Christian values is promote supporting the development of skills and character traits such as perseverance and compassion.  



  • We have a Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy for our school which is regularly updated.  





  • We include Children's Mental Health Day and Mental Health Awareness Week in the school calendar and plan activities for the whole school. 



  Useful links for parents and children 



CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. CAMHS is the name for the NHS services that assess and treat young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.

For more information, visit the website below


If you have suffered a bereavement and feel that school can support, please do contact us.


Books to support Bereavement:

  • Dogger – gentle intro to discussion for very young children
  • Badger’s Parting Gifts by Susan Varley (particularly useful if an older person has died).
  • Michael Rosen’s Sad Book
  • Tattybogle by Sandra Ann Horn
  • Muddles, Puddles & Sunshine by Winstons Wish – is an activity book.
  • Vicky Angel by Jaqueline Wilson (a friend’s death,  for older children)  


For Children aged 11+

  • Young Minds is the UK’s leading Mental Health charity that offers support for children, as well as advice for parents
  • Mind is a national mental health charity that can offer a range of advice for parents and carers on how to support young children, as themselves
  • The Mix offers support to people under 25 for anything from mental health to money, homelessness and break-ups.
  • Kooth offer free, online mental wellbeing support
Mental Health Day 2023
Mental Health Day 2023
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Mental Health Week 2024