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Staunton & Corse C of E Academy

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School dinners & Healthy snacks

Have you tried our tasty school lunches? (Free to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils.) 

Our school meals are supplied by Cater Cater and are cooked on site at school.  There are three choices per day.  The second choice each day is suitable for vegetarians.  The third choice is normally a choice of salad, soup or a jacket potato. You can also order a jam, ham or cheese sandwich. 

As a team we aim to make school mealtimes an enjoyable part of the day. All children (by key stage) eat their lunch in the hall with hot dinners and packed lunches eating together. The Midday Supervisors and ensure the children all have their lunch in a calm, social atmosphere, promoting good table manners and social interaction.

The Midday Supervisors manage the playgrounds, which enable children to play with a range of equipment from OPAL and on our trim trail areas.


Free School Meals

If you would like to apply for Free School Meals please follow the link below:


 Please note we are a 'nut aware' school which means we will do everything we can to avoid nuts on our premises.  This is because people who attend our school can and do have severe allergies to nuts.


All our meals are paid for via Parentpay. If you have not previously accessed Parentpay and need an activation code, please contact the school office.

Please see April 2024 menu below for you to download and submit to the office


Healthy snack

At Staunton and Corse Academy we endeavour to be a healthy school, teaching the children about how to make good choices for their health including what they eat and how this contributes to their wellbeing.

This attached guidance is to help you when choosing what to send in for your child to have as a healthy snack. We know how important it is that your child has the right fuel to keep them going from breakfast until lunch and would encourage you to provide them with something that they can eat. Only one snack is needed at this time in the morning as they don’t have time to sit down and eat for long and getting outside to play is also very important, so please don’t send them with too much. The NHS guidance from ‘change 4 life’ advises that snacks are kept to snacks under 100 calories.  We hope that the guide below will help you when choosing what to send in and what to leave for treats at home. Please remember that all key stage 1 children have the option of free fruit and vegetables as part of the government school fruit and vegetables scheme. Therefore there is no need to send a snack for key stage 1 pupils from home if you choose not to. 

Rainbow children (reception class)  do not need an additional snack as they are provided with milk and fruit at school. Also please remember we have a strict NO NUTS policy at Staunton and Corse Academy because of allergies. 



Anyone entitled to Free School Meals can pick up a form from the office.