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Let Your Light Shine

Let your light shine - celebrate!


Children really can Let Their Light Shine

Children of Staunton and Corse. We ask you so often to Let Your Light Shine but how can you do it?

You have an avatar and can get Dojo points for good work, helping others, being friendly, helping your teacher. Get as many Dojo points as you can and let your light shine..

All of your dojo points are collected up with children in the same house as you. So you can get house points or blocks if your house team wins the weekly competition!

You have a Shine Climb in your class with a peg placed on it with your name on it. If you can be a role model, produce good work or be kind you can climb up the shine climb and move your peg up.

Stars are awarded in our weekly collective worship for showing our Christian value of the term. If our termly value is compassion, do something compassionate and you may be noticed.

If you can spend time making your work as good as it can be you may get into The Golden Book. This really is a sign that your light has been shining. You will be recognised and awarded in our weekly celebration worship.

Even doing something as simple as showing manners or allowing others through the door first is recognised at Staunton and Corse. It is easy to Let Your light Shine!




Children in the Golden book
Children in the Golden book
Children who have shown our Christian value this week
Children who have shown our Christian value this week